Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry CHRISTmas!

This is a wonderful Christmas message I received from my neighbors, Karen and Brendan,who, I now consider family. 

Though December 25th isn’t the exact time of the birth of our Lord and Savior, it is still important that we set aside a time of the year to remember him.

Without the birth of Jesus our race would be dead, but because “God so loved the world,” (us) He sent His dearest son to buy back life for us. Jesus is the King of Life.

Jesus says;  “To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice. “ (John 18:37)

If the casting away of them (the Jews) has brought us opportunity, and if the receiving of them (the Jews) back into favor again is life from the dead (Rom. 11:15) how much more has the King of the Jews brought us. When the entire world of mankind receives Jesus as their King in the Kingdom we all pray for, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on the earth…”

Jesus’ birth into the world and his ransom sacrifice for Father Adam are truly the best gift this world has ever gotten. As the Apostle Paul says, it will be testified in due time.

So when you think of Christmas, thank God that He gave His dearest son to be the hope of the entire world.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

just plain perplexing

New computer finally!!-no long distance phone calling and no e-mail - the old one died and I had been unable to communicate for a week! 

I suppose I should write a journal on the horrific year I've had.  But then, I don't really want to remember.  I will tell you the latest but don't want to dwell on it for any length of time.  I am a forward type of person.  I don't recall dates of sadness and cry.  It is behind me and I look forward.  I do give reverence to the past as appropriate but it is what it is and I try to see what I have, not what I have lost or suffered.

I had to put the one blue boy pup to sleep.  He was suffering. I had taken him to the vet with the other pup and showed him questioning what was wrong with him.  An x-ray reveiled an abnormality but it was out of my vets ability to answer so he sent me home waiting for more information from a referral vet that he was going to talk with...but it never got that far for poor Skimo.

 I must be in for something good, since I have had FIVE bad things occur that I have never had in breeding Cardigans before, all in ONE litter.

Friday, November 25, 2011

good report

I took the pups into the vet today.  I had him listen to their heart and lungs.  They are 15 days old today,fat and vigorous.  He gave them a clean report saying there wasn't anything there and they seemed like very healthy puppies.  I almost started to cry I was so relieved.  I would not allow myself or Hannah to become attached.  So, now I can enjoy them fully!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

pup in a dish

LOL!  I fed Nibbles in the box, went back in to check and this is what I found.  I burst out laughing.

That is just TOO cute!  The look on Nibbles face is " what?!"

Friday, November 18, 2011


I believe we are over the hump.  4th day on antibiotics, which I have to tube feed to them.  They hate it and hate me because they know what is coming.  The one who was pretty bad is especially mad about it.  I'm sure the tube feeding makes breathing more difficult.  Not only does the tube cause some breathing blockage when it is in place, it also fill up the tummy and a full tummy also make it difficult to breath.  I put warmed up supplement in with the cold liquid antibiotic.  It is also hard to nurse when you can't breath.  You can tell by looking at them which was the one with the worst case of pneumonia.

I will now tell a little more of the details regarding the scary (after hours- it's ALWAYS after hours!) c-section.  My vet was out of town, my second choice vet was out of town and I could either go to another local vet or one of the two big city emergency clinics.  Both Huntsville and Birmingham emergency clinics would be about an hour and a half trip.  I chose the 'other' local vet.  I had met this other vet before and really don't like him.  He is terribly gruff and egocentic!  But, I swallowed my pride and dealt.  I insisted on an IV line since I was concerned about the size of her belly and the size of her normal body.  She is regularly only a 27 pound bitch and she weighed 45.5 going in to the c-section.  I did not want her going into shock and/or cardiac arrest.  Well, you can probably see that poor Nibbles has shaved areas all over!  He never was able to get one single vein!  Gee, I was so stressed watching and listening to him not getting it over and over...poor Nibbs...he even did a "cut down" on BOTH sides of her neck!  The reason was obvious after she was opened up...her body was already getting shocky...twisted uterine horn and a tear...and a water puppy (Anascara) which was about 2 1/2 times the size of a normal pup.  This was a first for me.  So was the pneumonia in pups.  I'm sure it did not help that this vet clinic is poorly prepared...they didn't even have oxygen when I asked to put the pups on no, they didn't have bulp syringes to suck out nasal mucous...I have 2 at home. But sure didn't think about possibly needing them!

Look at poor Nibbles HUGE scar(and it has already shrunk with healing).  Over the last 20 years, I got accustomed to very small scars and a MUCH different c-section team of experienced people. I figured being in a small town in the country would mean a different class of vets and less professional care than I have been accustomed.  I feel that the vet I had the planned c-section with and trust is one of the best around and he would have done a MUCH better job at the whole emergency c-section.  Certainly he has the oxygen.  He genuinely is a good and caring person who graduated from one of the best vet schools (Auburn), and seems to be quite intelligent, in control and takes what he does seriously.
He is the one that has been caring for my pups with the pneumonia.
OK- well, I shared a lot.  I guess I felt it would be helpful and informative.
OH, and I removed the dew claws today- finally, on day 8...I was too stressed and I felt that they did not need any more physical stress before now.  It went very smoothly.

Again, dog breeding is not for the faint of heart! 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

sad report/strength

First I want to thank all of you!  Your support has given me strength.  Sadly I lost both girls yesterday.

I can't tell you how much peace God has given me and how much strength I have gained in this.  Something like this is always painful but I have to examine my place in life...where my heart is...ask God questions, talk to Him ...and in the end remember that HE knows what I am going through and He knows all that goes, God's plan will over rule...I cannot change what is...I can only do everything I know how to do for the puppies and accept what happens.  And realize I am to praise God in my trials because it is in my trials where I am strengthened.

Now, other info has come into play as well.  I let the vet do an autopsy, he requested doing so.  He found an abnormality, he believes genetic.  So, I have other information to consider, which is actually helpful in the big picture.

Maybe the boys will be ok, maybe not.  Dog breeding is not for the faint of heart!!!  It's not the first disaster I've had in breeding and if I stay in long enough, it won't be the last.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Unfortunetly all 4 pups have pneumonia.  It has been a very long 4 days.  The one I fell in love with immediately is, of course, the one who is doing the worst.  She was at the vet all day on oxygen but as soon as she was off the oxygen declined.  I'm not expecting her to make it and feel pretty down.  Life has dealt me difficult blows over and over this whole year!
Prayers Welcome!

Also~  Please know that I appreciate all of you.  I try and try to post responses to you but it will not go through.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thankful/Nibbles Puppies

This is a centerpiece I put together.  It is my ceramic turkey platter, gourds given to me by a neighbor, a 'Thanks' carved plaque from Beall's store,  a vase given as a moving away gift and 3 plant decor pieces from various places.  This is the first year I will not have a turkey dinner for my family.  David and Samuel will be in FL.  Hannah and I will share a turkey thanksgiving meal with a group of family 'misfits' at a neighbor's home.  

And now for the story about our litter.  It has been a year and 2 months since I've had any puppies born. Poor Nibbles was extremely uncomfortable and I was worried...turns out righlty so...emergency c-section last night...I had a planned c-section set up(sigh)...all in all it is a very good ending.  I have Nibbles and 4 puppies.  We had a twisted uterine horn and a tear...Nibbles is now spayed and we lost 3 puppies.  There was NO movement in any pup when they were brought out of the we are so very fortunate to have these 4.  All blues, 2 male, 2 female. 

They all look nice and healthy.  No mismarks in any from the whole litter.  Here are the first photos before they are even 24 hours old.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Belly and Ear status

Fig has tape on the back of 1 ear.  I took the taped towel rolls off yesterday (about the third set) to give them a break and see what they are doing.  They still need to be put up again since they are slowly sagging ..but we are getting there.  He is 16 weeks.

Nibbles loves tummy rubs any time.  She is funny, she'll follow me around and when I stop she plops over.  So always easy to get pics of the belly-pregnant or not, this is what she does.

side view too?  no problem, I'll wait.
Due about Nov. 18

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

truck wrecked

This is what is left of my 2001 2500 Dodge Ram.  A driver was going too fast for conditions, lost control and slammed into us.  Hannah and I are ok.  I got the worst of it.  It will be a few days for sure until I can function both mentally and physically better.  I am really sore and taking pain meds.  I got x-rays and a CT scan because of my back and neck pain.  My left knee is not good either but nothing broken.  Praise God!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Maybe this will work

OK, maybe THIS ear taping design will work.

Fig isn't happy no matter what way I tape.  His ears are difficult to keep tape adhered to on the inside.  Maybe extra oil?  Anyway, wish us the best!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I am glad to have a new cardigan related post with photos to share.  The story leading up to this very special addition to my household of cardis is long, emotional, extremely trying and a time of personal challenge and growth.  This season allowed me to begin a very special and unique friendship with a lovely woman who has a huge heart.
So, without further adieu, I announce to you, from Nancy Andrist of Galena Cardigans, my gorgeous, DM clear, TRI boy from Nugget X Kate....'Galena Cornerstone Imagine'.
He is everything I could imagine in what I was wanting.
We named him 'FIG' (short for Figment)
Figment=something merely imagined

I look forward and 'Imagine' only the best in his life.
Thank you Nancy.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Mom

I don't want to go to bed.  I am here all by myself and all I want to do is think about my Mom.  She passed away tonight.  I was making plans to go to be with her but at 8:45 my time, she passed. I am blessed to have had my Mother.  I will always cherish the things she taught me.  Most of all I will will cherish her example of strength.  Strength that she got from God.  She battled cancer for a long time and had a positive attitude right to the end.
My wise husband said that the moment she entered Heaven she wondered why she hung on to this life!

Carol Jean Chivers gone to be with the Lord 9/4/11 at the age of 76.

My next post will be all Cardi related- promise.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cardi spa Birthday!

Close up of Luna in the pool.  Notice the chewed pool edge..yea, Luna has a thing for plastic!  Hose sprayer handles, a hose and anything else she can get into!  Gotta watch her but she is a puppy still.....  Her 1st birthday is today!  Happy birthday to her brothers and sister: Byron, Morgan, Paco and Alice!!  You are the last puppies I have had at Cornerstone.

Luna and her Mom, Nibbles.  Ah, ya think Luna came by her chewing plastic honestly?  Nibbles learned/outgrew the inappropriate chewing, so should Luna.

Peeker (age 10 1/2) in the pool with Luna.  Her Dad, Nickolas, supervising.
So, a family celebration.  I hope the rest of the litter has a great Birthday too!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer on the farm/rescued pup

Morning glories grow wild all around up here on Sand Mountain.  I've been encouraging the ones at the fence line.  Just lovely!

First bloom!  Pam says they were not planted in the proper sun area, but we are getting some that have the best sun starting to bloom.  We'll have to move them later and hope for a good transition for next year.

FIGS!  Sorry for the blur but I want to show how big they are this year.  That is a quarter in front for size comaparison.

Just some of the Cardis playing around.  DeeDee the oldest one looks to be playing the most in this scene. 

This is a rescue puppy with her new owner and a friend!  We found Dobbie in a bakery parking lot 2 weeks ago.  She was thin, wormie and alone.  I figured her age to be 8 weeks then.  Of course I took care of de-worming her, giving her a vaccine and high quality food.  With Pam's help I made up a flyer complete with an adorable photo and posted them at various places.  The lady holding her saw it at a pet shop in Guntersville, called and said, I have to have her!  So, happy ending for Dobbie.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

First egg! First Blackberry Pie!

We have our first chicken egg!  And I made my first blackberry pie from blackberries I picked on our farm.  David and I had a slice after dinner-yum!  Yes David is here for a long visit.  We go to pick up Samuel in Hunstville today (I'm posting after midnight).  So we'll be together for a few days until they all drive together and go back to Kissimmee.  Hannah will fly back after a short visit there.

Pretty soon I hope to be able to announce a real and final retirement for David.
I hope you are all enjoying your summer!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hunt Club Green & chickens

I just wanted to show how much my chickens are growing up.  They are only 5 months old.  I did send 3 Roosters to the neighbor which is good.  I have one nice rooster and 7 hens.  Just right.
 The dogs are good with them now.  This is Peeker, she never was a problem with the chickens.  I do have 2 cardis that are so intent on herding them...high I can't leave them with the chickens or they'd never be able to relax and just be chickens.  They'd be in a group all the time and not allowed to get away.
 Here are my newly painted shutters!!  I LOVE how they look now.  This is 'Hunt Club" green.  They were an off white and to me they just looked blah.  Now I think the new color looks classy.  Here are 3 views.

Happy Summer!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Visitors and yard time

We had visitors to see our cardis today!  This young man wanted to pose with some of our guys.  Pretty sweet.  I think they liked it!  First is Rio...

Next is Bubbles...

Then came Lily...

After our visitors left we went out and played.  Here is Peeker cooling off.

Luna was trying very hard to get someone to join her in frizbee chewing...

oh, come on!

       Luna and her Mom, Nibbles.  It was too hot to stay out  long.                                                                   
You all have a great Independence Day weekend!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

New pics- Luna and Zsa

2 year old Zsa Zsa.  I bathed 3 of my guys today and asked Hannah to help me photograph these two.  I need some for the web site too, so these wil be a start.  I also have a lovely professionally done head shot of Zsa for the web site.  Thanks to Pat Sawtelle. 

9 month old Luna

Luna being her cute self.

cat places

All cat owners know that recycle boxes must be throughly inspected and enjoyed first.

Our neighbors Karen and Brendan gave us this cat tree.  Karen wanted to know if they are using it.  I should try to get a photo of them scratching on the posts and lying on top as well.  Yes, very grateful to have this cat tree.  The one we had, got used up and trashed before the move.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

trained older pups

My good friend Pam Brand of Glasdawn Cardigans in NE Missouri has two black and white 6 month old puppies available, Ace and Aretha.  Both Pet.  I happen to be co-breeder and would like to help her find them their forever homes.  Thanks!  You can see the pups here on Pam's web site:

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lily and Luna

"Heeellllooo"  Two of the sweetest Cardis ever! (well aren't they all of course!)
Lily on the left and Luna on the right.

Luna relaxing and waiting for Zsa to get to come out and play.  They love each other and seem to be best wrestle buds.  OK, just thought I'd share a glimpse into a moment here.  It's been toooo hot to do much in the middle of the day.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Horses, hay and are you coming?

This is Floyd Gibbons riding a Paso Fino Stallion at an obsticle challenge competition I went to. *Notice he is bitless*  It was the day I met Floyd along with other horse people in the area.  Floyd is an exceptional and well known horse trainer.  He currently works for Chalakee Ranch in Gutersville AL.  He also does private lessons and I hired him.  So far two training sessions and Scooby here is a much more respecting horse.

Scooby saying "I'm a better boy now"

We unfortunetly did NOT get much Hay yield for our first cut(can you say "huge loss?") It was promised to my cow owner neighbors, Karen and Brendan Getchel.   Here is Brendan  picking up and moving one at a time to his place.

Here is my 9 month old puppy.  She is from Nick and Nibbs.  If you are thinking that I did not keep any from that breeding, you are right.  But it was meant for us to be together.  She just didn't fit and I got her back which I am very happy about.  I always loved this puppy. She is saying "Well, are you coming?"

"Look!  My buddy, Rio, is out there!"

"Uh, I'm waiting..."