Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hunt Club Green & chickens

I just wanted to show how much my chickens are growing up.  They are only 5 months old.  I did send 3 Roosters to the neighbor which is good.  I have one nice rooster and 7 hens.  Just right.
 The dogs are good with them now.  This is Peeker, she never was a problem with the chickens.  I do have 2 cardis that are so intent on herding them...high I can't leave them with the chickens or they'd never be able to relax and just be chickens.  They'd be in a group all the time and not allowed to get away.
 Here are my newly painted shutters!!  I LOVE how they look now.  This is 'Hunt Club" green.  They were an off white and to me they just looked blah.  Now I think the new color looks classy.  Here are 3 views.

Happy Summer!


  1. Brick with a rich dark green -- very classy!

  2. Love the color! As usual, you have excellent taste. Are you getting eggs yet from your flock?

  3. House looks great! Cute chickens too, I just got 3 more Australorp chicks:-))