Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer on the farm/rescued pup

Morning glories grow wild all around up here on Sand Mountain.  I've been encouraging the ones at the fence line.  Just lovely!

First bloom!  Pam says they were not planted in the proper sun area, but we are getting some that have the best sun starting to bloom.  We'll have to move them later and hope for a good transition for next year.

FIGS!  Sorry for the blur but I want to show how big they are this year.  That is a quarter in front for size comaparison.

Just some of the Cardis playing around.  DeeDee the oldest one looks to be playing the most in this scene. 

This is a rescue puppy with her new owner and a friend!  We found Dobbie in a bakery parking lot 2 weeks ago.  She was thin, wormie and alone.  I figured her age to be 8 weeks then.  Of course I took care of de-worming her, giving her a vaccine and high quality food.  With Pam's help I made up a flyer complete with an adorable photo and posted them at various places.  The lady holding her saw it at a pet shop in Guntersville, called and said, I have to have her!  So, happy ending for Dobbie.

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  1. Wonderful ending to the rescue pup story! You have a talent for finding homes for deserving dogs.