Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Xsasha update

I decided to take Sasha out the front and asked Hannah to bring her I-pod (still no fixed camera).
We did a little training.  She is willing but not confident yet.  However you can see she sure has a happy tail in the pose.  Sasha is such a sweetie and she fit into the household very easily.

                               I am so happy to have the opportunity to own this great moving tri girl.
                                         Thank you Paul. More and better pics to follow-promise!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Xsasha is here

Here is a quick snap shot.  Hannah took this with her I-Pod and e-mailed it to appears that my Kodak that I so dearly enjoyed, is on the fritz. 
Xsasha is very laid back and a real sweetie.
This was taken within the first couple hours here.  When I sit on the dog bed she crawls right up and snuggles.
...icing on the cake?  ..she has freckles!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

She's coming tomorrow

I suppose I am a bit excited<grin>  Given all my dissappointments over the last year and a half, this unexpected surprise is welcome.  I could not let a tri girl with that movement get away.  She is 8 months old and Lord willing, I pick her up tomorrow in Huntsville!

Linda said I don't have photos of myself on my blog so here I am looking at the camera with my welcoming committee ... let's hope they welcome our new girl.     ...ok, ok, she is coming from Paul Chen (Afara) in WA.  This is an 'X' litter and  I got to name her ...oh joy!  Don't we all want to try to come up with an X name!?   She will be Afara Xsasha.  Kind of pretty X name after all.  Pronounced Sasha and maybe with a zee sound like zasha.

...yes, I still have Izzee the other tri girl here from Lynn.  So that will make 3 tris in the house- wow!  BUT I still will ONLY have 7 dogs....with one almost 13 and 2 at 11 yrs.  I am planning on puppies too, will plan to keep something from each  AND expect to still keep my number at 7....maybe 8.

Cheers!!  Here's hoping for fun dog activities and puppies sometime before the year ends.

Friday, July 6, 2012

summer update/visitor day

Finally, for Jill (grin), here is a shot of 3 Speckled Sussex.  I have 6 and they are my favorite breed so far.  They should start laying this month but the heat has really taken a lot out of the older hens and they are not laying much.

 Here is the proverbial dog in the pool cooling off in this awful heat.  This is Luna.  Fig will not go in the pool...big chicken,silly dog.

You would think he would go in the pool with Luna after running around like this!
 ...and this....
 Shady spot is good...
 I think they'd be attached at the hip if they could...
 Linda visited today!  She just *had* to meet FIG since she has been following Fig's Dad, Nugget and that first litter where Fig came from.  We had a great visit!  Corgi lovers rock!
 I LOVE this 'almost' candid shot.  Luna is listening to me and Fig is behind her  saying "what ever Luna says is good with me"