Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fig N Luna /Family photo

Fig at 8 months with Luna in the background.  I just did baths, nails and blow dry on these two.  They looked so nice so I took them out to the bigger yard to see what I could get on camera.
 Both of these guys just keep getting better.  I am especially pleased with Luna's mental progress.  I can say that she trusts me completely now.  No concerns that I will make her/force her into something she is not accepting or understanding.  She will do most anything for me now that she fully trusts that I will take care of her and that I understand what she needs. Fig is just plain wonderful.  No one can have a bad day if Fig is there.  Loving,loving,loving...a big sissy(well he is the baby here) with the most huge bark, but loving : ))
 This blur is the usual for the two of them.  I let them play and tried to distract them for a few seconds.  Considering I did this all on my own, I managed to get some cute ones. 
 This family photo was taken on March 4 at church.  I do not know when we may be able to all be together again so wanted a photo.  It was also Samuel's 22cnd. birthday.  He is in his last semester of 4 years in college.  His plans are to do mission work in Japan.