Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fig N Luna /Family photo

Fig at 8 months with Luna in the background.  I just did baths, nails and blow dry on these two.  They looked so nice so I took them out to the bigger yard to see what I could get on camera.
 Both of these guys just keep getting better.  I am especially pleased with Luna's mental progress.  I can say that she trusts me completely now.  No concerns that I will make her/force her into something she is not accepting or understanding.  She will do most anything for me now that she fully trusts that I will take care of her and that I understand what she needs. Fig is just plain wonderful.  No one can have a bad day if Fig is there.  Loving,loving,loving...a big sissy(well he is the baby here) with the most huge bark, but loving : ))
 This blur is the usual for the two of them.  I let them play and tried to distract them for a few seconds.  Considering I did this all on my own, I managed to get some cute ones. 
 This family photo was taken on March 4 at church.  I do not know when we may be able to all be together again so wanted a photo.  It was also Samuel's 22cnd. birthday.  He is in his last semester of 4 years in college.  His plans are to do mission work in Japan.


  1. while I love the Fig pictures, my favorite is the family picture. It had to be wonderful to have everyone together.
    Thanks for everything, Rita. You inspire me on a daily basis.

  2. What a beautiful family! :D

  3. Wow, Fig is really growing up! He and Luna look so happy together. And so nice you could have the family together!

  4. So nice to see your family all together, Rita! :) Fig and Luna look great!!! :)

  5. Thank you all for the complimets-gosh! I love getting comments. I think I finally figured out the problem I had in not being able to post anywhere preveously.
    Thanks again! It feels great to be getting active in dog related events again!

  6. Wow I remember when Samuel was just stating college! I know I am getting old! What a beautiful family picture, I am glad you were all able to be together, I know what that means to you :)!

    Everyone looks so happy, evern the four legged family!!!

    Miss you!

  7. Great pictures, Rita. And so good to get to meet your David today!! Thank you for making room in the inn for Wystan for a few days! He knows where his "birth home" is! That is so heart-warming.....