Tuesday, April 26, 2011

you can't sneak up on Corgis

They were all laying peacefully and I tried to sneak up and get a shot but you can't sneak up on Corgis!
 Once they knew it was me Nick decided he had to go find a toy.
 The wind was really blowing and a small branch fell.  Nick looked but held onto his prize.
 I am grateful to the home owners before us who planted so many lovely flowers.  These are the 3rd color of Iris blooming in our yard.  We have a lace purple, white and now these two tone purple and white.
 Another thing I find so wonderful while experiencing our first Spring here is the constant turn over of beautiful natural flowers(weeds).  These clover look as if they were planted right along the front walk.  I didn't mow them when I cut the rest of the yard...too pretty.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bizarre mushroom under roses

Here is the scene as I was weeding the rose bush area.  When I got to the very last section of weeds to pull out,I saw something unusual... 

One of the most bizarre mushrooms I've ever seen.  It had a partial coating of a gray slime... it is gone today.  There sure are many amazing things in this world.

Friday, April 15, 2011

chicken yard and things in the yard

Chicken yard.  My old dog kennel plus two old wire crate panels, some green coated chicken wire, an old pump house and voila!

Here is one of the Light Brahma hens about 7 weeks old.

And one of the Silver laced Wyandotte hens.  She will continue to lighten and the tips of the feathers will be trimmed in black.

Bubbles saying "hey"

Lovely Iris

Iris and roses
These were scenes from yesterday and this morning before it rained.  Tommorrow is Best of breed at the National and the Banquet.  I will be thinking of all who are traveling and wishing them a safe return home.

way to go bro

Lily, my new tri girl,Congratulates her brother on his 2011 National wins.  Oz, Arylan's Mint Proof was Best Op Sweeps and WD!  WooHoo.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some photos of Nick and Nibbs

Here are Nick and Nibbs.    Bathed,Blown and Bodacious (had to come up with something clever to go with bathed and blown!)                 
  Nick is : Cornerstone's No Intro Needed
 Nibbs is: Cornerstone's Biscotti Bits

Thank you to my friend Michele Wells for helping me with photos!  Wish I had thought to get one of us together-duh!
Michele had a business meeting in AL. and after that came to spend part of the weekend with me.  She'll be heading to the National later this week.
Thinking best wishes for all who get to be there this year!!

I guess bathing, blowing and practicing is something the rest of us can do while at home and part of the OHMAN (Others home missing another National) support group.