Thursday, September 22, 2011


I am glad to have a new cardigan related post with photos to share.  The story leading up to this very special addition to my household of cardis is long, emotional, extremely trying and a time of personal challenge and growth.  This season allowed me to begin a very special and unique friendship with a lovely woman who has a huge heart.
So, without further adieu, I announce to you, from Nancy Andrist of Galena Cardigans, my gorgeous, DM clear, TRI boy from Nugget X Kate....'Galena Cornerstone Imagine'.
He is everything I could imagine in what I was wanting.
We named him 'FIG' (short for Figment)
Figment=something merely imagined

I look forward and 'Imagine' only the best in his life.
Thank you Nancy.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Mom

I don't want to go to bed.  I am here all by myself and all I want to do is think about my Mom.  She passed away tonight.  I was making plans to go to be with her but at 8:45 my time, she passed. I am blessed to have had my Mother.  I will always cherish the things she taught me.  Most of all I will will cherish her example of strength.  Strength that she got from God.  She battled cancer for a long time and had a positive attitude right to the end.
My wise husband said that the moment she entered Heaven she wondered why she hung on to this life!

Carol Jean Chivers gone to be with the Lord 9/4/11 at the age of 76.

My next post will be all Cardi related- promise.