Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cardi spa Birthday!

Close up of Luna in the pool.  Notice the chewed pool edge..yea, Luna has a thing for plastic!  Hose sprayer handles, a hose and anything else she can get into!  Gotta watch her but she is a puppy still.....  Her 1st birthday is today!  Happy birthday to her brothers and sister: Byron, Morgan, Paco and Alice!!  You are the last puppies I have had at Cornerstone.

Luna and her Mom, Nibbles.  Ah, ya think Luna came by her chewing plastic honestly?  Nibbles learned/outgrew the inappropriate chewing, so should Luna.

Peeker (age 10 1/2) in the pool with Luna.  Her Dad, Nickolas, supervising.
So, a family celebration.  I hope the rest of the litter has a great Birthday too!