Sunday, June 19, 2011

New pics- Luna and Zsa

2 year old Zsa Zsa.  I bathed 3 of my guys today and asked Hannah to help me photograph these two.  I need some for the web site too, so these wil be a start.  I also have a lovely professionally done head shot of Zsa for the web site.  Thanks to Pat Sawtelle. 

9 month old Luna

Luna being her cute self.

cat places

All cat owners know that recycle boxes must be throughly inspected and enjoyed first.

Our neighbors Karen and Brendan gave us this cat tree.  Karen wanted to know if they are using it.  I should try to get a photo of them scratching on the posts and lying on top as well.  Yes, very grateful to have this cat tree.  The one we had, got used up and trashed before the move.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

trained older pups

My good friend Pam Brand of Glasdawn Cardigans in NE Missouri has two black and white 6 month old puppies available, Ace and Aretha.  Both Pet.  I happen to be co-breeder and would like to help her find them their forever homes.  Thanks!  You can see the pups here on Pam's web site:

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lily and Luna

"Heeellllooo"  Two of the sweetest Cardis ever! (well aren't they all of course!)
Lily on the left and Luna on the right.

Luna relaxing and waiting for Zsa to get to come out and play.  They love each other and seem to be best wrestle buds.  OK, just thought I'd share a glimpse into a moment here.  It's been toooo hot to do much in the middle of the day.