Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wystan,Luna, the group- updates...

This is Betsy and Wystan on 'Going Home" day.  Thankfully his ears were only in that tape for a week and he never had to do that again.

Here is Luna enjoying the big bed.  She is SO awesome.  I LOVE this dog!  I am so glad I got her back and was able to give her what she needed and so glad I was able to figure out how to fix what was so misunderstood about her.    So attentive to me, David, and goes crazy over Hannah. She loves attention herself too, oh, and loves the cats..a little too much...there is only so much licking a cat can take!

 Sharing the bed with her best bud, Fig.  They adore each other.  Actually this is a rare moment of quiet!  They are usually frapping non stop...I have to tell them to chill so I can hear things, talk etc..
 Group siesta.  There were actually two more dogs not in the photo.
 Me and Peeker posing at Tractor Suppy Co. in front of a "Quiet Time' bed with Peeker's photo on the tag.  I do not like this picture of me but it's all about my grand ole gal,Peeker.  She'll be 11 this year. The dog bed tag photo was when she was 5.  She got to chase a tennis ball up and down the isle a lot...the ladies that work there were in love with her....hopfully she'll get into the TSC employee newsletter and I'll get a copy.