Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Checking in

 Hello!  I know that some of my friends only have and only know my blog as a place to check in and see what is going on here at Merry heart Farm and I apologize for the scarcity of posts.  I took the plunge a while back and am a Face Book fan.  It seems to be the place I go to for updates and communicating... a bit too much lately and so am trying to refocus my energies.  I have found that I really like to write out my thoughts and ideas and share them.  I find it more comfortable/easier than speaking. I think I have improved my writing skills tremendously since we got our first computer... I never was very good at learning certain subjects while in school...    Anyway, I try to only post with photos and this TRI Cardigan embroidery is from a old shirt.  I don't throw the whole shirt out if it has something so nice... I come up with ideas to re purpose.  This was sewn onto a plain denim apron by my skilled seamstress neighbor, Wanda.  She is very talented, has many ideas and sewing is her passion.  She and I hope to have a booth together at the Cardi National next year.
I love Fall and I love to tastefully decorate in a small way for holidays.  Decorations are stuff, that costs money and needs to have a storage place.  I collected these few pumpkins on sale as I found them. It is enough.
 This is Peeker, our 13 year old Cardi and our rescue dog, Sweet Tea enjoying a new chew hoof.

Happy Fall, Blessings to you all.