Saturday, May 28, 2011

Horses, hay and are you coming?

This is Floyd Gibbons riding a Paso Fino Stallion at an obsticle challenge competition I went to. *Notice he is bitless*  It was the day I met Floyd along with other horse people in the area.  Floyd is an exceptional and well known horse trainer.  He currently works for Chalakee Ranch in Gutersville AL.  He also does private lessons and I hired him.  So far two training sessions and Scooby here is a much more respecting horse.

Scooby saying "I'm a better boy now"

We unfortunetly did NOT get much Hay yield for our first cut(can you say "huge loss?") It was promised to my cow owner neighbors, Karen and Brendan Getchel.   Here is Brendan  picking up and moving one at a time to his place.

Here is my 9 month old puppy.  She is from Nick and Nibbs.  If you are thinking that I did not keep any from that breeding, you are right.  But it was meant for us to be together.  She just didn't fit and I got her back which I am very happy about.  I always loved this puppy. She is saying "Well, are you coming?"

"Look!  My buddy, Rio, is out there!"

"Uh, I'm waiting..."