Sunday, December 26, 2010

Finally here-Lot of photos

Shimmer with her new home made jacket.  Megan Stevens, a special friend, and owner of two Cornerstone Cardis, is very talented.  She created the design herself and gave me one for each of the old gals to use in the new colder climate.  And boy have they come in handy!

 This is Megan(left) and Sheila.  Sheila graciously allowed us a half way stop over at her place.  We were able to walk, graze and water the horses  Walk the dogs.  And get ourselves pottied and water too.  Megan arranged the contact and of course God had it all planned.

 Megan and David with Annie and Scoobie.
 When we arrived it was late.  I put all 9 dogs in the laundry room and they are wondering..."hey, what's going on here?"
 The first morning out at the new place.  It is cold compared to what they are used to.  I put a turn out blanket on Scoobie since he has less coat than Annie.
 The coat came off and all seems like adjustment is pretty easy.
Holiday table in the new house!
 Woo hoo, new place lots of fun!
 Samuel and Hannah on our way out to hike to the creek,
 Stopped to take a shot of our horse trailer.  Now done with its big job for the move, we covered it to protect from the weather.  As it turned out, it was none too soon!
 Hannah at the creek with her walking stick.

Samuel behind us and still up on the rise above the creek.

 Samuel looking down the creek.
 Christmas morning!  Samuel's prayers were answered!  He had never seen or experienced snow and really wanted to on Christmas.  Right on target at 7 am it started and by 7:30 it was coming down.  Snowman on the hood of my truck : )
 First time in snow for them too!
 Out the front door.  This was only the first half or third of what we got.
 Hannah was quick to get the tree out and at least have it up without ornaments so we could enjoy that much.

This is the first sunset living in our new house.  It is taken from the back yard looking out over the hay field
David looking into the barn while I was mucking stalls.  He and Samuel left to go back to FL. this morning.  they will come to visit for Spring break.  I will sure miss them.  David thinks he will be able to commit to retirement about March,,,maybe April...maybe May.  Pray for me and Hannah up here without him.  We do have SUPER neighbors though who we can count on if needed. 

That was a good bunch of catching up!  I hope you enjoyed it!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

Hello to everyone!  Today is always a special day of the year for me.  I know that I am so very blessed and am especially glad to have a day set aside where the whole country pauses to give thanks.  There are many less fortunate today and we need to remember them, and to give help when and where possible.
I am thankful for our loving, caring and merciful God.  He shows me over and over how he cares for me and has all under control.  I am grateful for his correction of my imperfections and molding of me to be a better person.
One of the things I am most thankful for are the people God has put in my life.  My family and my are wonderful !!!!!  If you are someone that I've never actually met but we have a connection, to me you are a friend.  I know there are many who read each other's words, who care when any of us are in trouble or sad or in need.  So to all of you- you are my friends and I am blessed to have you.
I know I'm not an eloquent writer and I suppose I'm feeling mushy at the moment, but I just felt the need to tell you.  I hope you are blessed too.  Blessings always go both directions.    With a warm heart, Rita

Monday, November 8, 2010

Part of the herd relaxing

This was a scene in the yard the other day.  Typical, enjoyable.  Cardis love to be where you are.  I haven't posted in a while and thought I'd better keep up.  I will have more soon.  Scooby is coming here to Kissimmee on Nov. 19.  Much is happening quckly with only 6 week left before the move.  Crazy time to move-eh!?  Holidays and cold weather.  I know God has it all in His care though.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

One left and new addition

It's has been an eventful week!  Puppies had the Vet health check and certificates on Tuesday at 8AM and that day two of the pups went home to thier very eager families.  Ponyo Alice left first to Ana in Tampa and a short while later Paco left with Bruno and Toya for Miami.  Then I shipped Scoop to Erin in VA. on Weds., this morning I shipped Morgan to Pitts. PA. and he'll live in WV. with the Peters.  Bryron will go home tomorrow with Katie and Steve to Tampa.
The paper work is incredible and I am an organized person.  It is important to me to have everything in order well in advance.  There are the AKC forms, AKC litter record, the micro chip numbers,micro chip forms,stickers,tags etc... , contracts, shipping air bills, health certifictes and copies etc etc etc....
After sending Scoop off I planned to keep busy.  I did not want to think about her being gone.  We adore each other and I just didn't want to let myself cry.  Scoop is the one I wanted to keep.  I made the decision to let Erin have her because it was the best thing for both of them.  With moving and the dogs I have and the dog situations that I know are coming up, I could not give her what she deserves. So, David and I took a trip to look at a horse for sale!  That sure was a good thing and kept my mind occupied.
We've been looking, then putting it on the back burner then looking again.  David wanted an 'in your pocket' type horse.  that would be one that is personable and interactive and maybe a bit of a pest.  He prefered a striking paint, younger than 9 years and at least 15 hands tall.  Also, since David is not an skilled rider, he needs a safe horse.  A horse is huge commitment, we plan to keep the horse we get for it's life.
Well, we found a gem!  Or I should say that God did and lead us there at the right time, for the right horse at the right price!  Meet Scooby!  He's 6 years old and comes from an awesome lady who trained him and wanted a home like ours for him.  Scooby needs some muscle conditioning which I will be able to work on with him.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Toys n sticks n running oh boy!

I'm still getting the hang of this blogging.  It's been busy lately.  We've taken a trip up to our Alabama home since I last posted and much more...
 Paco running...
Scoop pausing with a rock.
 Paco resting.
 Byron with a toy...his favorite thing to do...

Byron with toy...
Ponyo (Alice)
Sticks again
We're eating, did you want something?
Dad, Nicholas with his typical silly face.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Family time/brag

Last night I let adults and pups interact and play together on the kennel room floor.  It was such a sweet peaceful sceen.  the darker photo shows the parents of this litter, Nick and Nibbles.  Nick is so cute with puppies.  He's very gentle and really likes them.
My BRAG is that Nick was WD/BOW/BOB! today.  He went over 2 specials and there were 3 class dogs yet it was only 2 points. The judge was Robert Thomas who I'd not shown to before.  This was Nick's first point show week end.  Yesterday he got reserve out of 4 dogs...I'm saying he needed yesterday to warm up : )  I will post the photo when it come if it's a good one.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fun under the stump

Every evening after the pups have dinner, we get to explore.  Last night I let them 'find' the stump with a 'den'.  It was so fun to watch them figure it out and realize that "this is cool!"  They dug in the sand, chewed on the stump, made the hole bigger for an exit out the other side, ran in and out, found stuf to carry in Etc...Ponyo went in and just stayed.  She really just seemed to be happy that she found a neat new place.  First thing she did was stick her nose deep into the cool sand...wish I managed to get that pic.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ponyo and Scoop

puppy pen and visitors

This weekend we had visits from 2 of the families getting a puppy.  Plus, our dear friend Amy Hill was here.  Amy parks her car here when she needs to fly out of the Orlando airport.  It's nice I can offer that and we can chat on the way up and back.  She usually has a bit of time to stay a 'talk dogs' and see pups/dogs which generates more dog talk. 
The new families were a delight to have and get to know and of course 5 week old puppies are just the cutest!  I wish I had taken pics of pups and people but they did and shared.  I always take a picture on the puppy day home.  Enjoy a couple I did take of pups in the outdoor pen.

Friday, September 17, 2010

FYI-new http

I mis spelled cornerstone in my original address and it is is it is now  but wow!  I figured it out on my own!  That might not seem like much to most people but technical stuff is not my thing...