Thursday, October 21, 2010

One left and new addition

It's has been an eventful week!  Puppies had the Vet health check and certificates on Tuesday at 8AM and that day two of the pups went home to thier very eager families.  Ponyo Alice left first to Ana in Tampa and a short while later Paco left with Bruno and Toya for Miami.  Then I shipped Scoop to Erin in VA. on Weds., this morning I shipped Morgan to Pitts. PA. and he'll live in WV. with the Peters.  Bryron will go home tomorrow with Katie and Steve to Tampa.
The paper work is incredible and I am an organized person.  It is important to me to have everything in order well in advance.  There are the AKC forms, AKC litter record, the micro chip numbers,micro chip forms,stickers,tags etc... , contracts, shipping air bills, health certifictes and copies etc etc etc....
After sending Scoop off I planned to keep busy.  I did not want to think about her being gone.  We adore each other and I just didn't want to let myself cry.  Scoop is the one I wanted to keep.  I made the decision to let Erin have her because it was the best thing for both of them.  With moving and the dogs I have and the dog situations that I know are coming up, I could not give her what she deserves. So, David and I took a trip to look at a horse for sale!  That sure was a good thing and kept my mind occupied.
We've been looking, then putting it on the back burner then looking again.  David wanted an 'in your pocket' type horse.  that would be one that is personable and interactive and maybe a bit of a pest.  He prefered a striking paint, younger than 9 years and at least 15 hands tall.  Also, since David is not an skilled rider, he needs a safe horse.  A horse is huge commitment, we plan to keep the horse we get for it's life.
Well, we found a gem!  Or I should say that God did and lead us there at the right time, for the right horse at the right price!  Meet Scooby!  He's 6 years old and comes from an awesome lady who trained him and wanted a home like ours for him.  Scooby needs some muscle conditioning which I will be able to work on with him.


  1. Congrats on the new equine addition!

  2. Congratulations Rita & David! I have a tri-color paint, I am sure you are going to love him and give him a great home, and he will keep your other horse company too!

  3. What a pretty boy! Looks like he's found the perfect home :)