Monday, September 20, 2010

puppy pen and visitors

This weekend we had visits from 2 of the families getting a puppy.  Plus, our dear friend Amy Hill was here.  Amy parks her car here when she needs to fly out of the Orlando airport.  It's nice I can offer that and we can chat on the way up and back.  She usually has a bit of time to stay a 'talk dogs' and see pups/dogs which generates more dog talk. 
The new families were a delight to have and get to know and of course 5 week old puppies are just the cutest!  I wish I had taken pics of pups and people but they did and shared.  I always take a picture on the puppy day home.  Enjoy a couple I did take of pups in the outdoor pen.


  1. We loved it of course and I hope the next four weeks or so will go by quickly. Not so quick he comes home without a name though...

  2. Thanks for your warm welcome! Our four hours drive was more than worth it. We enjoyed meeting you, and of course the rest of the family, Nibbles, Nickolas, and their puppies, Shimmers, Belle, Bubbles, Peeker, and I know I am missing three more. They were all great! It was a beautiful experience for us to see the puppies, with dad Nick and mom Nibbles and in full color. It is giving us strength to wait until the end of these "eight long weeks". We are looking forward to our next four hours drive, to bring home our little Paco or Choji, as we all know him. Thanks Rita!