Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some photos of Nick and Nibbs

Here are Nick and Nibbs.    Bathed,Blown and Bodacious (had to come up with something clever to go with bathed and blown!)                 
  Nick is : Cornerstone's No Intro Needed
 Nibbs is: Cornerstone's Biscotti Bits

Thank you to my friend Michele Wells for helping me with photos!  Wish I had thought to get one of us together-duh!
Michele had a business meeting in AL. and after that came to spend part of the weekend with me.  She'll be heading to the National later this week.
Thinking best wishes for all who get to be there this year!!

I guess bathing, blowing and practicing is something the rest of us can do while at home and part of the OHMAN (Others home missing another National) support group.


  1. Very handsome! I need to start planning for Nationals next year...I keep stalking the blogs to see results, LOL!!!

  2. I would say those are some very nice pictures! And some awesome Cardi's!!!! I had an awesome visit and can't wait to come back...Thank you again for having me :)

    Kisses to all!

  3. Alice is so proud of her Mom and Dad! They look wonderful! Sending lots of love and puppy kisses your way!