Friday, April 15, 2011

chicken yard and things in the yard

Chicken yard.  My old dog kennel plus two old wire crate panels, some green coated chicken wire, an old pump house and voila!

Here is one of the Light Brahma hens about 7 weeks old.

And one of the Silver laced Wyandotte hens.  She will continue to lighten and the tips of the feathers will be trimmed in black.

Bubbles saying "hey"

Lovely Iris

Iris and roses
These were scenes from yesterday and this morning before it rained.  Tommorrow is Best of breed at the National and the Banquet.  I will be thinking of all who are traveling and wishing them a safe return home.


  1. I highly recommend that if the dogs have access to the area around the chickens, to wrap the bottom 2-3 ft in chicken wire. Just read up on what the chaos crew at my house has been doing with the ducks :)
    Good luck and isn't nice to be out in the country!

  2. I love the chicken kennel...I am planning on the same thing. Lots of eagles and owns here so will be topping it as well.
    Bubbles is so adorable. I look forward to meeting her someday.