Friday, May 11, 2012

Positive paragraphs

Hello All!  It has been a long while since I wrote.

Anyway, I DO want to say that things are looking up!  I am pretty positive about my future in Cardigans (even though I've been in the breed for 21 years).  I found myself having to re-group with my dogs.  I have had quite a few old ones and two passed away last year...another one is coming up soon and then I have 2 more old ones and 2 young adults to place. I know where I am headed and I know I'm gonna get there.  Life can be tough, but the best thing is to learn the lessons from those tough times (mine has been a year full of difficulties, disasters, sadness, accidents, illness ETC.).  I drew strength by knowing God was with me through it all and enjoying the positive that is always there.  There were plenty of wonderful people who lifted me up (sent by God I'm sure)-- you KNOW who you are : ))  

I had an awesome time judging the CWCCA Megan!  The three of us breeder judges got nothing but positive feedback.  The National is aways special.... I make a few new friends and see old ones.  I always 'stud shop' but seemed to be too busy when ever the boys were in the ring this year.  I can't afford the tapes right now so thought "oh well", it is what it is...then I was in the right place at the right time (there is God again) and saw a dog while at the Eye Clinic- he was perfect!!

Here are some scenes in our room at the National.  I have been sharing a room at the National with my very dearest friend, Pat.  So, she is in the photo and it is her very silly brindle boy, Billy, in these pics with my two guys, Luna and Fig.  (Those are our sheets covering the bedspreads AND we covered the entire floor with plastic! No chance of causing harm to something that doesn't belong to us.  Pat brought those supplies too!)

 I had to throw in a photo scene from the yard here at Merry Heart Farm.  It is just so beautiful here.  Everytime I pull in the driveway, I wanna pinch myself in disbelief that it belongs to me/us.
I have several things in the works (moving forward!)  Remember that perfect dog I mentioned at the Eye clinic?  And I am going to a dog show that I wouldn't have planned to do, which (God again) worked out because it is there that I will be picking up an addition to my pack.  Again, staying with Pat- thank you Pat!  And she is delivering my new Cardi to me!  I hope to post some pics of her, Isabelle, later.  She is an adult and I fell in love with her description, and then her face when I got pictures.  She is coming from Lynn in VA.

My husband, David, will be retiring and coming up here by Sept. 2. and most likely it will be sooner.  I can't tell you what a relief it is actually KNOWING a for sure.  The bible says in Proverbs 13:12 " Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but desire fullfilled is a tree of life."



  1. It's good to hear from your Rita! I'm excited for your new addition. Fig and Luna look very pleased on that hotel room bed.

    The faces Billy makes in the photos crack me up!

    1. Hi Katherine! Thank you...the new addition is an adult tri girl...I plan to post some pics of her and I will get around to getting photos of my newest batch of chickens...mostly grown up now.
      Billy's nic name is "Silly Billy"

  2. So glad things are looking positive! Can't wait to see pictures of the new girl. Tigger was so proud to have you show him at the National, he's still barking about it.


    1. HEEHEE!! It was fun to show Tigger but MAN! is he full of hinmself! Of course that makes a great showman! ...maybe he could use a dose of 'Quiet Moments' supplement : )

  3. Yes, he is full of himself! It can be quite exhausting! You did a wonderful job!

  4. Wonderful news and wonderful pictures, Rita. Can't wait to see the pictures of your new "Cardi-child"!