Saturday, October 29, 2011

Belly and Ear status

Fig has tape on the back of 1 ear.  I took the taped towel rolls off yesterday (about the third set) to give them a break and see what they are doing.  They still need to be put up again since they are slowly sagging ..but we are getting there.  He is 16 weeks.

Nibbles loves tummy rubs any time.  She is funny, she'll follow me around and when I stop she plops over.  So always easy to get pics of the belly-pregnant or not, this is what she does.

side view too?  no problem, I'll wait.
Due about Nov. 18


  1. Go! Fig! Ears!

    Tigger takes after sis Nibbs on the belly flopping ... but her belly is much more beautiful at the moment! Praying for healthy, happy pups and mom!

  2. Awwwww....How precious!! Fig is beautiful...and so is Nibbles - in their very own special ways! Thinking of you all!!