Monday, October 10, 2011

Maybe this will work

OK, maybe THIS ear taping design will work.

Fig isn't happy no matter what way I tape.  His ears are difficult to keep tape adhered to on the inside.  Maybe extra oil?  Anyway, wish us the best!


  1. Cardigans in tape always manage to look so very sad. I hope it works as well so he can be a normal boy puppy.

  2. Let's see, I have heard to add calcium to their diets. Foam curlers. Toilet paper tubes cut in half, the horn thing, tampons, molefoam...yep. Tried most. Ginger is almost there and I probably could have gotten away without retaping, but the left ear had a crease I didn't much like. Here's hoping we are both on our last tape jobs with these guys. You can blame his big eared mother. Sorry about that. ;-)

  3. How clever! Sort of looks like he has antlers.