Friday, June 1, 2012

Samuel in Japan

My son, Samuel, arrived in Japan yesterday!!!  For those of you who don't know, he was called to be a missionary to Japan at about the age of 13-14.  I am blown away by the fact that the time is here.  He has completed 4 years of college at FCC (Florida Christain College) and was blessed with financial support to be able to make his first trip which is an internship required by the college.  He'll stay 3 months and stay with 3 different sets of people.  He has already gone with 2 other men and helped the homeless on his first day.  This is something he did weekly at home too.
It's kind of hard to  grasp, but Japan is 13 hours ahead of us so their day has alread passed.  We always joke that they are in the future.
Also, since my husband,David, works for United Airline, Samuel was able to fly as family and no extra funds were required for him to fly.  THAT is a huge savings.
David and I joke (sort of since it is also the truth) that one of our ministries is supporting a missionary full time!
Please pray for Samuel.  Japan has only 1 to 2 % christian population. The problem with the thinking of the people in Japan is that they are completely open to many Gods.  So, they can accept God but just as another to add to the list of Gods and the concept of one God is a difficult to allow into their hearts. 

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  1. I was excited to get my first email update from Japan! I pray that his time there will be filled with blessings.