Saturday, June 23, 2012


We will not be having puppies... the Vet palpated and said yes, I saw begining signs...??... This is the oddest series of occurrences ever! I can only come to one conclusion and the common denominator is my neighbor spraying chemicals. I have asked him to please call me when he is going to spray, but he doesn't. Of course the dogs see him and go running straight to where he is!

I will be impeccably cautious and never let a bred or to be bred girl even have the opportunity go near the fence line. I have done everything I know how (been doing this 21 years) so I have to consider outside the box here. The extended  problems I have been having have only been here at our new AL home, so it must be something here.

 I am not giving up! 


  1. Oh Rita, I am SO sorry. I was so praying Luna would be having puppies this time. Hugs to you and her.

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  2. Oh, Rita, ditto the above comment. I am SO sorry to hear this newest sad news. You are such a careful, loving, and committed breeder. You must be heart-sick. DON'T give up! My prayers and hugs to you all. Give Luna a big hug. And please give Nibbs a special hug from us and a doggy-kiss from her "boy" Wys! :-) We will see you soon...Love, Betsy

  3. Thank you so much Jill and Betsy. A hug from each to Luna (and me: ) ) Hugs and slobbers to Nibss! See you soon Betsy!