Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Luna palpated/New Kitty

Hannah and I took a trip to the vet yesterday with Luna for pregnancy palpation.  The vet believes she is pregnant. YAY!!!  It is hard to palpate Cardis which is why I don't even try.  While we were there we saw this young cat running around and I commented on how pretty and cute...Hannah and I have been wanting a kitten but the costs of spay, vaccines, etc. and David not wanting another dependant for the next 14 years...have stopped us.  We talked to David about this one barely a year old, already spayed, tested, vaccinated,*free* and he said "ok".
We are not set on a name but thought 'Drizzle' was good...then I wasn't sure and came up with 'Smore' since she looks like a toasted marshmellow with chocolate.  Anyway, here she is, but this pose did not last...she is pretty busy, also very sweet...purrs, licks, rubs...  Oh, her eyes are blue-very pretty.


  1. Congratulation on the kitty and puppies on the way.

  2. How nice- a comment! Thank you...who are you "Alabama"?--so curious : )) Blessings

  3. Hi Rita,
    It has been such a long time so I decided to check on you! So glad things are going well! I miss you and love you....congrats on everything. I wish Samuel well....

    Much love to you and your family,

  4. Pretty kitty! I like the name Smore!! Since her eyes are blue, she has sort of a "blue merle" kitty look, doesn't she? A perfect addition to your menargerie!

  5. Michele- nice to know you check in on the blog....write me an e-mail- Love to you!

  6. Betsy! I like the name Smore too but Hannah was already set on calling her Drizzle. Driz for short. Yes, she is like the blue merle Corgis and the paint horses! It sure shows that I like what I like. You'll get to meet her on your next trip up this way!

    1. Love "Drizzle" too! Y'all are so good with names! Can't wait to meet Driz!

  7. Good luck to Miss Luna, I hope she has a safe and healthy pregnancy and lovely and healthy puppies. And you may want to hide Drizzle the next time I come visit ... I might be tempted to cat-nap her! She's so pretty, and you're right, she is such a lovely toasted marshmallow color.