Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring activities

Before I get to the Spring things, here is one of the photos I wanted to find of sweet Shimmer earlier.

And this one of Shimmer and Belle with one of our cats, Shade. CUTE huh?  Belle is 14 1/2 and will likely be next to leave us.

OK SPRING photo!  Daffodil close up along our driveway.  We have tons.  I gave two neighbors huge bouquets and cut one for us as well.

Shade watching me open the front door.

 This is a sealant around the chimmney before it was painted.  I came up on the roof to get a good look.
 ...and while I was up here I took a photo in each direction.  The field and trees behind the horses all the way in the background, is our property.  The inner dog yard is right off the porch.  Pretty neat view of the back of the place.  The other direction beyond the barn and fence shows our neighbors front yard and long driveway.

 Here is my new grooming room!  We closed in the alcove with 2 windows and door. Inside we have a raised floor, dog washer, dog tub and room for a grooming table and dryer.

Dogs in the yard with handsome Nick in the forefront.

This is a huge mound of debris I raked and gathered from the dog yard.  It amazed me how many small bits of yard stuff there was made up of acorns, pieces of sticks, wood and leaves and such.  The dogs ran along as I took a trip down the hay field to the woods entrance and I dumped it in a low wet spot.  Sure glad to have my lawn tractor running again.  I did that yesterday.  The weather has been so wonderful!! The dogs sure do like being out and about getting to explore and be with with me.  I spent most of the last two days enjoying being outside doing things with a 'Merry Heart'!


  1. Your place is lovely -- though it looks like you've already mapped out "projects". Enjoy the weather and the critters.

  2. Very pretty property. I have been enjoying our nice weather and doing yard work too.

  3. Thanks for the great pics! Sounds like you are keeping very busy and getting lots done! Can't wait to see the property it looks great!:-))

  4. Wonderful!! Now I REALLY want to come visit. I will be sending my children the link. They constantly hassle me about being on my roof, and it is nice to know that, unlike what they say, I am not the only Mom who gets up there...(hey, you have to do what you have to do.) Still awaiting nice weather here.

  5. Wow, looks great from up above! Can't wait to come see in person. I am glad you are able to be out and about doing things you love with the nice weather...Thanks for sharing with us :)
    Miss you
    Much Love!

  6. What a beautiful place! Nancy and I will have to come down... although I think we be flyin'!

    Thanks for shipping my "puppies in a box" box back!

  7. Such a beautiful place, Rita!

    Who's Nick? I like.