Sunday, March 20, 2011

outdoor views

Some new blooms in the front yard...

I put patio blocks under my 3 gates.  There were 15 blocks at the old house and David brought up 6 last time.  So, I quickly found a proper place.  It was a pain to get them in place.  The ground has rocks and roots and the fence posts have cement which I had to hack away at with the shovel.  The space between the gates is barely enough for the two blocks to be side by side besides having to make the ground level  and the gate being in the way a bit...I loved the work but wish my hands could handle it better.
 Lily chilling for a few a seconds after getting a drink.
 A partial view of the side yard.  Its about a half acre...I'm thinking agility space...
 Rio is faster!
 Lily doesn't care she loves Rio and loves life!
 Can we go again?


  1. Nice job on the pavers!! I want some dry weather so I can begin spring work. No daffs or tulips yet, but getting closer. They are really late this year. Your place is beautiful.

  2. Wonderful pics, can't wait to see it in person! Lily looks so happy. Love the bulbs coming up:-))

  3. Total agility yard! Looks beautiful.