Monday, March 7, 2011

Nick- part mountain goat?

This is what I saw out my kitchen window-yikes!  Nick is definitely my chair dog.  He loves to get up in lawn chairs and hang out.  He seemed quite proud of himself and seemed like he was happy I saw that he was up there.  This was taken through the screen.                  
Then I went outside the porch to try and get another but he got excited with the others running over toward me.  And yes, he lept off!  Of course I gasped!  He was just fine and actually launched himself enough that he did not dive onto his front.  He almost landed with all 4 at once.  Need to move the chairs!


  1. Ok so this explains where Byron gets it from!

  2. Hope your heart rate is back to normal!

  3. Love seeing these pictures of your new home, Rita, and your many creaturely companions - furry and feathered! It looks like Paradise on earth! ~Betsy Powell