Saturday, March 16, 2013

Puppy play and 3 head for home

 That is my Faith sneaking up on chickens...herding instinct. go home to Larry and Elizabeth soon...posted just for you
 Lucy also showing her herding instinct
 Pirate Bonnie
 Sam on his way
 Pirate Bonnie Blue on her way
Lucy on her way...with Identical Quadruplets 12 year old (happy) girls and parents.


  1. How fast they grew up! Soft place in my heart for all the Figalunes and congratulations to all the lucky families! Auntie Linda will always love you, think of you and pray for all. They are all stars in my book!! Love you❤

  2. Identical quadruplets, wow! You don't see that every day. :) Hope the puppies are healthy and happy in their new homes!