Thursday, September 20, 2012

Getting there...

Lots to share!  First I got to a dog show! I got reserve ( second one) with Luna, which is fine, it was only her 3rd show for an 'in repair' dog and few and far in between outings for her. I can finally get away some with David here now...YES!  David is here for good!  He's been here for 2 and 1/2 weeks.  There is a lot we have had to organize and catch up on since he arrived.  We also celebrated our 25th ANNIVERSARY!

As you know, my camera died.  David looked into getting it repaired and there was a pretty certain  diagnosis which would have cost about $82.  The camera years ago...was waaay expensive compared to what is available today, SO, he has ordered me a new one!  Photos again! Yea!  I have so missed my camera!  Hope it gets here soon.

No puppies coming here yet...  I plan on breeding though, very soon.  BUT I do have a 12 week old puppy coming to me!...More on her later.

Been working on fence building-wow! Hard work.  We are putting in square wood posts and 'Red Brand' 4x4 field fence.  It is a loooong process with only me and 1 fence man.  We may be done by spring-HA!

One sad note:  Flash is now over the bridge.  I don't really want to talk about it since the (avoidable) health issue is something that has hit me hard.

Hopefully the next post will have photos- lots of them. Of: Sasha and the new pup (if she gets here by then) and maybe some of my whole crew, which, with the new puppy will be 6 dogs.  So, that means I have 5 dogs right now!  I cannot recall when I last had only 5 dogs!



  1. Lots of good news! But I'm so sorry about Flash. He was a very special guy. :(

    1. Yea- miss Flash. Thank you Jill. You are more special to me than you know. Lots of Love! My door is always open! You may need a get away this winter- : ))

  2. So very sorry to hear your beloved Flash is gone. So heartbreaking to lose a fur kid. Congratulations on your 25th anniversary and having David home for good. Yipppppppeeeeee!!! New puppy, dog shows, new fence AND a new camera so we can see it all! Wow! Please give hugs and kisses to all the gang and an extra special kiss on Figs muzzle from Auntie Linda! Let me know if you ar in the Atlanta area for a show as I would love to see you. Best wishes and thoughts for everyone at MerryHeart farm

  3. I'm so sorry about Flash. :( But thrilled that David is there for good now!

    Hope you are well.

  4. Bittersweet post for sure Rita! So much change going on in your life. Glad to hear from you though!

    Byron has developed a new love of Ritz crackers and does some really funny stuff to get a piece of one! He doesn't get them very often but you should see his excitement when the wrapper makes noise as we open up a packet.

  5. Oh, Rita, great to hear from you...with good news...though along with some really tender/poignant news. So sorry to hear about Flash...*heart-breaking.* I know our Cavalier Spaniels, Dominic and Crockett, were waiting there to welcome Flash to the other side of the Bridge. May you find peace in your heart that Flash is in his Creator's eternal and loving embrace.
    On a much happier note...we can't wait to hear about your new puppy...and the new potential breeding. Keep us all posted!
    And we are so thrilled to know that you and your David are now together full time at Merry Heart. Although fence building sounds pretty daunting. You continue to be an inspiration!
    Nibbs and Wys continue to bond and build on the relationship that began "in utero." Nibbs is definitely "alpha" but Wys is having a hard time figuring that out! They love to run around in the backyard following us out to the edge of our property to feed the deer. And they LOVE to frap in the house! So funny. They are as different as night and day....but, all in all, despite some squabbles, they seem to sense the deep bond that draws them together. Pretty sweet.
    We can't wait to see more pictures. Hope all is well with the rest of your family...Hannah and Samuel.
    Blessings all 'round, Betsy, David, Wystan, and Nibbles

  6. Hey Rita, I emailed you privately as heart is with you! So glad to hear the good news and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Much love to you and your family...

    1. Thank you all- Jill, Linda, Jeri, Katherine, Betsy, Michele and private posters...Great to hear from you....I am blessed.